Product details

Product details

Barbera d’asti DOCG – Bottino

Typology: Red

Vine variety: 100% Barbera

City: Grazzano Badoglio

Land: hilly, calcareous-sandy-loamy

Vineyard: Le Rose

Exposure: south - southwest

Form of breeding: counter-espalier with Gujot pruning

Planting density: 5000 screws/hectare

The Barbera grapes destined for the production of our selection aged in wood have peculiar characteristics, they are the healthiest and richest of the vineyard, carefully selected. Harvested by hand, they arrive in the cellar perfectly intact and ripe; here they are pressed and led to fermentation. The precious task of conducting the alcoholic fermentation is entrusted to indigenous yeasts, is conducted in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 26-28 ° C and is completed in about 14 days. The fermentation is followed by a period of post-fermentation maceration during which the wine remains in contact with the skins. In this way, the color is fixed and stabilized and the tannins are softened. The malolactic fermentation is conducted and completed in steel tanks, then the wine is transferred into then the wine is transferred into small French oak barrels for a period of 18 months. This is followed by bottling and followed by 6 months of bottle aging before release.

Sensory impressions:
Intense and enveloping bouquet with hints of fruit, progne and cherries in syrup followed by more in syrup followed by more subtle notes of cocoa. In the end spices and toasted hints. The palate is warm and full, soft but persistent tannins accompany the typical freshness of Barbera, moderated by malolactic fermentation and wood. The aftertaste is important with aromas which recall the scents perceived by the nose.

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