Product details

Product details

Barbera del Monferrato Doc Vivace – Carlot

Typology: Red

Vine variety: 100% Barbera

City: Grazzano Badoglio

Land: hilly, calcareous-sandy-loamy

Vineyard: Carlot

Exposure: south - southwest

Form of breeding: counter-espalier with Gujot pruning

Planting density: 5000 screws/hectare

Hand-picked, the Barbera grapes destined to the production of Carlot arrive in the cellar perfectly intact and ripe. cellar perfectly whole and ripe; here they are crushed and fermented. The precious task of conducting the alcoholic fermentation is entrusted to indigenous yeasts, it is conducted in steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 26 ° C and is completed in about 12 days. The fermenting must is transferred into an autoclave before the end of the process, when the content of fermentable sugars is such as to give the wine the desired level of CO2 to make it lively. Malolactic fermentation is completed as soon as the alcoholic fermentation is finished. Bottling is expected in the late spring of the year following the harvest. A further aging in bottle of 3 months is expected before release.

Sensory impressions:
The bouquet is very typical, typical of the variety, vinous with ethereal violet nuances to which are added strong fruity notes. ethereal nuances of violet to which are added strong fruity notes. The taste is intense, the strong character of Barbera gives sign of itself, with the intense color that dominates and rounds the tannins and the freshness, which leaves the palate savory and clean.

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